Front Desk Kitty

Staff Bio

On a cold, frosty morning in early 2003, as the morning veterinary technicians were arriving at the office, they came upon what appeared to be a small body wrapped in a towel by the front door.  It was assumed that a Good Samaritan had dropped off an animal that had passed the rainbow bridge.  Anxious and saddened, they explored the towel.  To their surprise, they found a quivering black-and- white petite female feline with an abnormality of her front left leg.

She was promptly given a thorough exam.  The exam presumably concluded that she was chilled and that there was a metal pellet lodged in her cervical spine.  It was suspected that the pellet was the cause for her anomaly in that front left limb.  She was transiently given the name “Ilean,” because of how she leaned to the left when she walked.

The news spread around the greater Gallatin Valley area that Ilean was in our care.  Numerous efforts were made to find her owner.  Months went by with no success.  Ilean’s personality and disposition won over the hearts of all the staff members.  It was unanimous!  In March of 2003, she became a permanent member of the staff.

Despite Ilean’s limitation, she is still an amazing hunter! She is best known for her indecisiveness between prowling the outdoors and resting in the comfort of her nook behind the reception desk.

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