Equine Reproductive Services

We are proud to offer the following reproductive services:

Reproductive Services for Mares

  1. Breeding Soundness Evaluation
    1. Complete Physical exam
      1. Soundness
      2. Dental evaluation
      3. CBC/Chemistry
      4. Ultrasound assisted examination of the reproductive tract
    2. Endometrial Culture and Cytology
    3. Endometrial Biopsy
  2. Breeding Management with Cooled Transported Semen
  3. Breeding Management with Frozen Semen

Reproductive Services for the Stallion

  1. Breeding soundness evaluation
    1. Complete Physical Examination
      1. Vital signs
      2. Soundness Examination
      3. Dental evaluation
      4. CBC/Chemistry
      5. Equine viral arteritis (EVA) Status
      6. External Genitalia – scrotal width, testicular mass
      7. Semen collection and evaluation – gel free volume, sperm concentration and motility, sperm morphology
  2. Stallion Collection and shipment of cooled semen