Get On Your Horse! Equine Skin Issues That Can Affect Your Saddle’s Fit

Hello all you horse owners,

Let’s talk about how your saddle fits onto your horse and some of the problems you can catch early or avoid completely on your own. Personally, I want to make sure my lady is comfortable before we go out for a ride this season, and that I will stay on her of course… *wink*

Since there is quite a bit to discuss, I’ll break this down into two different posts. You’ll see more about this in the blog next week.

This week, we’ll focus on skin issues that can affect your saddle fit.

It’s always important to brush your horses back before putting on your saddle. While you’re doing this, do you take a close look at the skin, too? Sure, making note that there isn’t anything that can poke into the skin, but what about examining the skin and hair closer?

Did you know that even a color change in the hair coat can be a sign of poor saddle fit due to friction? Or what about girth edema from just having a dirty or ill-fitting girth?

The recently posted a great article about this very topic! It’s a very informative, yet short read. Follow the link and check it out!

Have fun horsing around,

Crystal Sharp, CVT