Mamma Kitty

Mamma Kitty


First Lady of the Barn

Staff Bio

In September of 2009, a Good Samaritan brought in a grey and orange tortoiseshell cat to our office.  We estimated this female to be about a year of age and likely feral at the time.  She was apprehended humanely with her four young orange tabby kittens.   She was such a little matriarch!  We temporarily gave her the name, “Mamma Kitty”.

Extensive efforts were made to find her owner.  All the while, the young kittens continued to grow into a rambunctious bunch of boys!  It wasn’t difficult to find them loving, forever homes.  Once the boys were fully weaned, Mamma Kitty was spayed.  No more kittens for the little Mamma Kitty.

Now with her boys adopted, Mamma Kitty began to blossom with all the personal attention.  She became affectionate and loyal.   If one could cite a flaw, it would be that she had no problem taking on any dog that showed its face.   German Shepard, Boxer, or Peek a Poo, it didn’t matter.   Unfortunately, this made placing her in a home very difficult.

Winter approached, and Mamma Kitty found her natural home in the horse barn.  As the months went by, we gave her more freedom to roam.   Since then, she has established her dominion over the barn and its environs, earning her keep with amazing hunting skills.  She can now be seen roaming the pastures in search of the wayward mouse or vole.  She seems to be more tolerable of the canine species, as long as they show deference to her status as “First Lady of the Barn.”