Equine Ranch and Emergency Calls

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Equine Ranch Calls

Our ambulatory vehicle is stocked to be able to provided routine and emergency care in the field. We serve the Gallatin Valley, Lower Shields, Paradise Valley, Madison River Valley and beyond. If possible, scheduling elective procedures well in advance is encouraged so that our office can try to combine appointments in a given location. This will enable us to try and split more costly travel charges to more distant areas between multiple clients.

For certain elective procedures and emergencies, optimal care cannot be provided in the field. Your doctor will work with you to determine whether your horse’s condition would be better treated in our hospital environment.

Equine Emergency Calls

Emergency services are offered on a daily basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your horse’s needs cannot be met in the field, our hospital provides a safe environment for your horse to receive a variety or treatments from intravenous fluids for colic to bandage changes and medications for severe wounds.