Our Team

Linda Jessee 2022


Linda has spent the majority of her life in the Pacific Northwest around the beautiful rainforests of Washington State. Linda has a degree in Business Management and has invested the last twenty-five years of her career building and managing business throughout government, non-profit and private industries. Linda brings a wealth of experience and accomplished knowledge in best business practices, proficient leadership, and client services to our team.

Prior to moving to Montana, Linda and her husband, raised seven children on a small farm, just north of the Columbia Gorge; which over the years consisted of horses, cows, goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and geese. While they miss their little farm, they say they stay plenty busy fishing, hunting and exploring the wildlife in Montana with their black lab, Gunner.

However, they do plan to build a small farm in Montana to continue to enrich the lives of their children and eleven grandchildren for years to come!

Hospital Administrator

Veterinary Technicians

Crystal, CVT

Certified Veterinary Technician III

Public Relations Coordinator

Michelle, CVT

  • Pictured with Mamma Kitty
  • Pets at home:  Two cats – Fender & Lambeau and a dog named Gracie
  • Veterinary interests:  Anesthesia, digital imaging, and cytology.
  • Hobbies:  Hiking, fishing, hunting, crafting, and reading.

Certified Veterinary Technician III

Lead Technician

Angie, CVT

  • Pictured with Gryffin
  • Pets at home:  A dog named Gryffin and an African Dwarf frog named Merlin
  • Veterinary interests:  Exotics and incorporating ‘Fear Free‘ into general animal care.
  • Hobbies:  Reading fantasy novels, watching the latest movies, volunteering at the Montana Raptor Conservation Center, riding horses, and dog training.

Certified Veterinary Technician III


  • Pictured with Brea
  • Pets at home:  Two dogs – Lena Carseat Shamarkalee and Kodi, and two horses – Madison and Kat
  • Veterinary interests:  Surgical assisting and patient care.
  • Hobbies:  Horseback riding, colt starting, cooking, and gardening.

Veterinary Technician III

Inventory Manager

Morgan F.

  • Pictured with Henry
  • Pets at home: A dog named Henry and two horses – Peppy & Rusty
  • Veterinary interests:  Equine reproduction & management, equine lameness, small animal anesthesia, and microbiology.
  • Hobbies:  Running, cooking, horseback riding, and hunter / jumper / eventing with her horses.

Veterinary Technician III

Rachael Roberts-1

Rachael, CVT

  • Pictured with Rocky
  • Pets at home: A cat named Marla, a lab named Goober, and 20 chickens
  • Veterinary interests:  Surgery, patient care, cytology – basically anything that involves using a microscope.
  • Hobbies:  Hiking, hunting, running, and drawing.

Certified Veterinary Technician III


  • Pictured with Dorthy
  • Pets at home: Two cats – Addy and Phoebe
  • Veterinary interests: Exotics and wildlife rehabilitation
  • Hobbies: Crafting – especially crocheting and sewing

Veterinary Technician III

Kaitlyn Swain 11.5.21

Kaitlyn, CVT

  • Pictured with Jed
  • Pets at home:  Two dogs – Jed and Earl, two cats – Bruce and Hobbs, and a horse named Louann
  • Veterinary interests:  Diagnostics
  • Hobbies:  Anything that involves cattle, hiking, and riding horses

Certified Veterinary Technician II

Derek Cosper 11.5.21


  • Pictured with Moon Pie
  • Pets at home:  A ferrett named Moon Pie and two Hog Nosed snakes
  • Veterinary interest:  Large animal
  • Hobbies:  Horse back riding and hanging out with friends

Veterinary Technician II

Violet Dow 2022


  • Pictured with Ekans
  • Pets at home:  Ruby Roo, a Rottweiler cross
  • Veterinary interest:  Equine medicine, cytology, dentistry
  • Hobbies: Kayaking, fishing, biking

Veterinary Technician II

Morgan Dippert 2022

Morgan D.

  • Pictured with Tilly
  • Pets at home:  Tilly – a heeler, and quarter horse named Coal
  • Veterinary interest:  Equine medicine and surgery
  • Hobbies: Hiking and horseback riding

Veterinary Technician I

Veterinary Assistants


  • Pictured with Molly
  • Pets at home:  A dog named Maggie and a Pony named Blondie
  • Veterinary interests:  Equine and large animal
  • Hobbies:  Yoga, cooking, clicker training animals

Veterinary Assistant III

Olivia Garner 2022


  • Pictured with Mullet
  • Pets at home:  Two dogs – Charlie and Sadie, a cat named Mullet, and a horse named Roo
  • Veterinary interest:  Nutrition
  • Hobbies:  Horseback riding, fishing, and camping

Veterinary Assistant III

Maddy Livermore 10.29.21


  • Pictured with Toothless
  • Pets at home:  An Australian cattle dog named Hank
  • Veterinary interests:  Hopes to be a mixed practice veterinarian someday
  • Hobbies:  Riding horses / rodeo, skiing, and ceramic art

Veterinary Assistant I

Hannah Yost 2022


  • Pictured with Tucker
  • Pets at home:  A heeler named Tucker and a mare named Shorty
  • Veterinary interest:  Equine reproduction and equine rehab
  • Hobbies:  Rodeo, spending time with family and friends

Veterinary Assistant III

Madeline Sawdye 2022


  • Pictured with Derringer
  • Pets at home: Three cats – Bean, Buckley, and Jasmine
  • Veterinary interest:  Small animal
  • Hobbies: Photography, snowboarding, jeeping, and spending time with family.

Veterinary Assistant I

Myrna Gwozdz 2022


  • Pictured with Gracie
  • Pets at home:  Three chihuahuas – Chichi, Chong, and Miss Blaze. She also has a cat named Little Monster
  • Veterinary interests:  Small animal and exotics
  • Hobbies:  Crocheting, drawing, and hiking

Veterinary Assistant III

Jason Swietek 2022


  • Pictured with Toffee
  • Pets at home:  Three tabby domestic shorthair cats – Alice, Beau, and Toffee
  • Veterinary interest:  Diagnostics and cytology
  • Hobbies: Trap and release of wild animals – mainly cats and dogs and hiking

Veterinary Assistant III

Sage Jackson 2022


  • Pictured with Kit
  • Pets at home:  Three dogs – Mic, Howie, Belle, and a cat named Kit
  • Veterinary interest:  Dentistry and client education
  • Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, and sports

Veterinary Assistant I

LorRinda Richardson 2022


  • Pictured with Midge
  • Pets at home: Six dogs – Sammy, Badger, Maya, Maggie, PJ, Jasper and a small flock of chickens
  • Veterinary interest:  Small animal
  • Hobbies: Reading, painting, gaming

Veterinary Assistant I

Zena McCarthy 2022


  • Pictured with Bailey
  • Pets at home: Bailey – a mastiff cross, two cats – Ozzy and Gomez, and a Bearded Dragon named Brittney
  • Veterinary interest:  Cytology and behavior
  • Hobbies: Hiking with her dog, hunting, and crafting

Veterinary Assistant I

Arwen Guthrie 2022


  • Pictured with 
  • Pets at home: 
  • Veterinary interest:  
  • Hobbies: 

Veterinary Assistant I

Morgan Boutonnet

Morgan B.

  • Pictured with Lefty
  • Pets at home: Two dogs, two cats, and six horses
  • Veterinary interest:  Equine rehabilitation
  • Hobbies: Showing her cutting horses and breakaway rope

Veterinary Assistant II

Client Service Representatives


  • Pictured for Suzzanne is Mr. Gus
  • Pets at home:  A dog named Gus and a cat named Guido – who has all the personality!
  • Veterinary interests:  Implementing Fear Free techniques into customer service procedures.
  • Hobbies:  Hanging out with Gus and reading a good book.


Lead Receptionist

Shelby Wiggs 2022-1


  • Pictured with Kylie
  • Pets at home:  Three dogs – Kylie, Morris, Allie, and a quarter horse named Kate
  • Veterinary interest:  Equine medicine
  • Hobbies:  Riding horses, fishing, and camping


Lindsay Gray 2022-1


  • Pictured with Peggy Sue
  • Pets at home: An opinionated lab named Hank
  • Veterinary interest: Equine medicine
  • Hobbies: Reading, riding horses, and anything outdoors


Addy Dawson


  • Pictured with Rukus
  • Pets at home:
  • Veterinary interest: 
  • Hobbies: 


Animal Care Technicians

amy.whittman - 3.25.21


  • Pictured with
  • Pets at home:
  • Veterinary interests:
  • Hobbies:

Animal Care Tech


  • Pictured with Bailey
  • Pets at home:  
  • Veterinary interest:
  • Hobbies: 

Animal Care Manager


  • Pictured with Yaeger
  • Pets at home:  
  • Veterinary interest:
  • Hobbies: 

Ground & Building Maintenance

Mamma Kitty

In September of 2009, a Good Samaritan brought in a grey and orange tortoiseshell cat to our office.  We estimated this female to be about a year of age and likely feral at the time.  She was apprehended humanely with her four young orange tabby kittens.   She was such a little matriarch!  We temporarily gave her the name, “Mamma Kitty”.

Extensive efforts were made to find her owner.  All the while, the young kittens continued to grow into a rambunctious bunch of boys!  It wasn’t difficult to find them loving, forever homes.  Once the boys were fully weaned, Mamma Kitty was spayed.  No more kittens for the little Mamma Kitty.

Now with her boys adopted, Mamma Kitty began to blossom with all the personal attention.  She became affectionate and loyal.   If one could cite a flaw, it would be that she had no problem taking on any dog that showed its face.   German Shepard, Boxer, or Peek a Poo, it didn’t matter.   Unfortunately, this made placing her in a home very difficult.

Winter approached, and Mamma Kitty found her natural home in the horse barn.  As the months went by, we gave her more freedom to roam.   Since then, she has established her dominion over the barn and its environs, earning her keep with amazing hunting skills.  She can now be seen roaming the pastures in search of the wayward mouse or vole.  She seems to be more tolerable of the canine species, as long as they show deference to her status as “First Lady of the Barn.”