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Winter Pet Care Tips For Your Furry Friends

Winter Pet Care Tips For Your Furry Friends

As the winter weather parades towards us, here are a few tips for you to help your pets survive the winter and be comfortable all winter long.

  • Always provide fresh, clean water for your pet. If the weather is cold, please check their water for ice formation and remove the ice.  Or get a heated bucket.
  • Outdoor pets should have dry shelter out of the wind. Bring cats and dogs into the house if the weather conditions are rainy , snowy or weather conditions are super cold.
  • Staying warm requires extra calories, pets may need more food or a change in diet. Talk to us!
  • Ice, snow and mud-Remove ice, salt, mud, snow from your pets coats, feet as soon as possible. If the skin looks reddish, white or grey in cold weather, may be scaly or peeling, suspect frostbite if the weather has been really cold.  For dogs that are out in the snow and ice for long periods of time, you might consider getting boots for them, they can be purchased online or at Petco.  Hazard Warnings!
  • Cats and kittens like to nap on warm places, this can include car engines! Knock on the hood of your car or truck or honk the horn, then wait a few minutes before starting the engine. If in doubt, open the hood and look.
  • Antifreeze smells good and tastes very sweet, Very small amounts can kill your pet. If a cat walks through in and then licks its paws, it will get enough. The damage is done but chemicals crystallizing in the kidney, so symptoms may not show up for a few days and then it may be too late. Thoroughly clean up any spills, store antifreeze in tightly closed containers and store where pets and children can’t get to them. Sierra make a non toxic antifreeze. Do not dispose of antifreeze by pouring into the gutter and never let your pet drink from the gutters.


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